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For the Tulumeño at heart, offers residential lots in a gated community with shared
common areas designed to cultivate wellness practices, creative endeavors and deep connection to
ourselves, fellow humans and nature.
Tulum attracts people of an emerging counterculture, who not only vacation but embark on personal journeys. In THE PROJECT
Conscious Community you’ll have access to spaces with a robust offering of wellness and social programming to nurture your
body, mind and soul.

Features a variety of wellness inspired community spaces including: A club house where people come together under one roof for creative endeavours, discussions and large community gatherings. An observation tower for gaining perspective and appreciation for our surroundings, the stars, sunrise and sunset. A large open space family pool for all ages to enjoy. A natural play area with organic and imaginative objects for children to

A community garden where residents can grow local plants and herbs, bring their compost and participate in local gardening and
apothecary classes. A yoga shala to house mediation and yoga classes as well as intimate gatherings such as sound healings,
cacao ceremonies and moon circles. An amphitheatre housing musical and artistic presentations, workshops and large gatherings. Two healing pools with an integrated fire pit for peaceful floating, aquatic therapies and flower essence baths. A Pétanque
court where people can hang out with their picnic baskets and engage in this fun and sociable game, as well as art-filled bike trails connecting all community spaces for easy access.

The layout is designed to maximize feelings of community while preserving front and back jungle views. Each
home’s design footprint provides 5 meters of tree coverage in front of the house and another 3 meters behind. All
lots will also enjoy 5- meter-wide, tree-filled meridians along each street. Lots that back up to other residential
lots will have 6 meters of obligatory green space between homes, while other lots back up to lush common space


Club House
Pétanque Court
Observation Tower
Kids Play Area
Yoga Shala
Healing Pools
Family Pool
Bike Trails
Sculpture Gardens
Community Garden

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