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‘‘Cuzamil’, as it was called in ancient Mayan, means ‘The Island of Swallows’. Cozumel is
a mystical island located less than 40 km from the beaches of Playa del Carmen, with a
myriad of features that could make any person fall in love with it instantly. Cenotes, hea-venly beaches,
a rich variety of flora and fauna, and the second largest reef in the world,
make Cozumel a unique island from which no one will want to depart; thus, it is no surprise
that the tourist occupancy averages 80% annually. It is ideal for those seeking a relaxing
and friendly environment, with people visiting from all different parts of the world.
An exceptional island deserves an equally impressive residential neighborhood.
‘Kippal’, which means “Garden of Paradise”, was imagined for those who, like the
island, are free-spirited.

Whether as an investment or as a new home, Kippal has much to offer. Current design
trends are reflected in its architecture and are evident throughout. Mixing the
urban with the natural, this project presents a truly wonderful concept.

Queremos que los residentes vivan en un ambiente refinado, inspirado en el mundo náutico; respetando un equilibrio perfecto
entre la estética y la durabilidad de los materiales, con la proximidad del mar. Mármol, porcelanato, cantera, cerámica y aluminio de alta
calidad, son algunos de los materiales que formarán parte de este proyecto.

We want residents to live in a refined environment, inspired by
the nautical world; respecting a perfect balance between aesthetics and
durability of materials, with its proximity to the ocean in mind. Marble,
porcelain, quarry stone, ceramic, and high-quality aluminum are some of
the materials that will be part of this project.

We take care of even the smallest details; materials, distribution, and natural and artificial lighting, so
that its residents enjoy spectacular views and a pleasant temperature day and night.

In the same way, we have taken steps to care for the environment by including energy-saving systems in the
apartments, which also leads to savings for the residents.

Roof top
Swimming pool
24 hour security
Grill area
Bicycle storage
Parking lot

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