Our Goal

To exceed your expectations



Our Vision

We are the regional & local leaders in the Real Estate Business and Property Management. Our achievements and contributions have a positive impact on our clients and our investors.



Our Mission

Our companies, brands and the rest of our business units are recognized by our internal and external clients, work-colleagues and the Community as the leaders in a continuous growth in every aspect.








Starting with a Smart Buy and Intelligent Sale a Detailed Management of Properties Inventory and the Human Resources everyday Training.


Meet the Team


International REALTOR® Membership
in the National Association


cuadro realtor

Membership I.D. #061235866


CEO Karina Sayed

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, living in Playa del Carmen since 2001. My home, my family, my business is here on this paradise where I love to work with people all around the world. As a realtor, my job is to build trust in our clients relationships: I will be always honest with you, I will be available for you, I will detail the steps of a homebuying process, and I will answer all your questions.

I am Certified Public Account and Licensed Realtor in Mexico, with NAR and AMPI associations. International REALTOR® Membership in the National Association and accorded all the rights and privileges appertaining thereto, including the right to use the mark REALTOR®.

With a strong analytical background, a methodical organization aptitude and a deeper understanding of market dynamics, I closely analyze current market reports and trends, provide insights into real estate conditions and negotiate each transaction to achieve the best deal for my clients. Real estate is not only about buying or selling a house or a condo. It’s much more than this; it’s also about building relationships, trust and confidence through communication.




License # SAKA730701JY1FS008000037



Ángeles Aréchiga

Living in Playa del Carmen for 10 years, she loves to be the support to guide
you in the best investment in the real estate, dynamic, bold,
and always attentive to all your doubts.

Yvonne Riba

I used to live in the beautiful Riviera
Maya for 20 years and I love Playa del Carmen.

I enjoy the caribbean beaches and like sport fishing. Originally from Switzerland, I speak German,
Spanish and English. It’s a great pleasure
to be a part of this professional team.

Sophie Ehrli

I have lived in Playa del Carmen for 16 years. I speak English and Spanish. I am passionate and responsable in my work. My goal is for my clients to be happy with the results of my work. My motivation is my two sons, my husband, my mother, and my clients who are satisfied with the work that I provide them.

Luis Corona

Hi. I´m Luis Corona. Tell me a little bit more about your plans, so I can better understand your needs.
What are your expectations or goals in this investment?
My wish, as Real Estate consultant is to help you to
understand the Real Estate
industry from different perspectives, see price
options, show you the places of interest and advise you to make the best decision.

Would be very nice to meet you, and show you these beautiful destination as a local “Playense”.
Professional Photographer.

Fernando Carrillo

Living in Playa del Carmen for 13 years, knows all the places around and can give you the best opinions about it, I do my work very personalized giving the best of me and a great experience looking for the perfect dream place you are looking

Roger Naranjo

Always working direct with the people making the Real Estate experiences easier for the client providing my best service to them. From Mexico City.Muay Thai professional fighter and children’s martial arts coach. Traveling is my favorite hobby to meet different cultures.