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To exceed your expectations


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We are the regional & local leaders in the Real Estate Business and Property Management. Our achievements and contributions have a positive impact on our clients and our investors.


Our Mission

Our companies, brands and the rest of our business units are recognized by our internal and external clients, work-colleagues and the Community as the leaders in a continuous growth in every aspect.


Starting with a Smart Buy and Intelligent Sale a Detailed Management of Properties Inventory and the Human Resources everyday Training.

Meet the Team

International REALTOR® Membership in the National Association


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Membership I.D. #061235866


CEO Karina Sayed

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, living in Playa del Carmen since 2001. My home, my family, my business is here on this paradise where I love to work with people all around the world. As a realtor, my job is to build trust in our clients relationships: I will be always honest with you, I will be available for you, I will detail the steps of a homebuying process, and I will answer all your questions.

I am a Professional real estate advisor with more than 20 years of experience in Riviera Maya.

• Active member of the Professional Real Estate Association, AMPI Playa del Carmen Section, for 12 years. • Licensed in Quintana Roo with the first generation of licenses granted. • Certified Public Accountant by UBA – Universidad de Buenos Aires- Argentina. • Certified in Real Estate Sale Consulting. EC0110.01 • Certified in Real Estate Sale Consulting, tourist areas. EC0277 • Certified in Notarial Process and Real Estate Leasing. ECM0174 • Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS), National Association of REALTORS. • Founding Partner of PLAYA REALTORS. • Before founding PLAYA REALTORS, I managed Financial Services for commercial, retail and industrial companies. With extensive knowledge of international trade. • Active member of COPARMEX (Employer Confederation of the Mexican Republic) Playa del Carmen Section, for the last 3 years.

Playa del Carmen usually appears in people’s minds as a tourist and vacation destination. Its proximity to other important points of the Mexican Caribbean such as Tulum, Cancun and Cozumel, as well as its charming and full of life culture make it a true paradise.

Quintana Roo is one of the great economic poles of Mexico. Currently, Playa del Carmen maintains the highest urban growth rate, with an increase of 32% in less than 10 years. The entity contributes 2.3% of gross income to the Mexican economy. I assure you that you are not wrong to choose this city as the destination to grow your money.


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License # SAKA730701JY1FS008000037

Real Estate Specialists

Almendra Carrillo

Languages Spoken: English, French, Portuguese & Spanish almendra@playarealtors.us US & CAN: +1 855 894 2500 LOCAL: +52 984 186 5453


Always in the best attitude to find your dream home, I’ve been helping other people to multiply their investment and earn money for 4 years. I’ve been living in the Riviera Maya for over 13 years already!

Philine Unterberger

Languages Spoken: English, German & Spanish philine@playarealtors.us US & CAN: +1 855 894 2500 LOCAL: +52 984 186 5453


Originally from Germany, Philine moved to Mexico in 2012 to find new opportunities. Her clients often describe her as detail-oriented, proactive, and fun to be around. She recognizes and values the trust her clients place in her and I strives every day to exceed their expectations. Philine supports numerous local organizations that help children, animals and bring awareness.

Sophie Ehrli

Languages Spoken: English & Spanish sophie@playarealtors.us US & CAN: +1 855 894 2500 LOCAL: +52 984 186 5453


Hi! I’m Sophie Ehrli I have lived in Playa del Carmen since 2002. I know the area very well. My goal is to help you find the property you have dreamed of having in the Mexican Caribbean. Let’s make it happen!

Laila Lezama

Languages Spoken: English & Spanish laila@playarealtors.us US & CAN: +1 855 894 2500 LOCAL: +52 984 186 5453


Originally from the center of Mexico, Laila moved to Riviera Maya in 2018 to achieve new goals and to earn more experience in new areas, worked for more than a year in the legal area of real estate, then entered into the sales world. Her clients often describe her as an easy going person, trustful and empathic. She values honesty and appreciates that she is helping her clients to achieve their dreams, she is always looking to give the best of her to the clients. Laila loves outdoor activities and loves to be around nature

Laura Calvo

Languages Spoken: English, German & Spanish laura@playarealtors.us US & CAN: +1 855 894 2500 LOCAL: +52 984 186 5453

Place here

Sol Chapa

Languages Spoken: English & Spanish sol@playarealtors.us US & CAN: +1 855 894 2500 LOCAL: +52 984 186 5453


Finding your dream home or the perfect investment can be a smooth process when doing it with the right person.  My favorite part of working with Playa Realtors is our amazing team and seeing the smiles of our clients when we help them find their perfect caribbean home.  I was born in Monterrey. I enjoy yoga, sunrise paddle boarding and taking my dogs on adventures. Your interests and benefits are always my priority.

Luis Corona

Languages Spoken: French, English & Spanish luis@playarealtors.us US & CAN: +1 855 894 2500 LOCAL: +52 984 186 5453

Hi. I´m Luis Corona. Tell me a little bit more about your plans, so I can better understand your needs. What are your expectations or goals in this investment? My wish, as Real Estate consultant is to help you to understand the Real Estate industry from different perspectives, see price options, show you the places of interest and advise you to make the best decision. Would be very nice to meet you, and show you these beautiful destination as a local “Playense”. Professional Photographer.

Fernando Carrillo

Languages Spoken: English & Spanish lauroe@playarealtors.us US & CAN: +1 855 894 2500 LOCAL: +52 984 186 5453

Living in Playa del Carmen for 13 years, knows all the places around and can give you the best opinions about it, I do my work very personalized giving the best of me and a great experience looking for the perfect dream place you are looking

Roger Naranjo

Languages Spoken: English & Spanish roger@playarealtors.us US & CAN: +1 855 894 2500 LOCAL: +52 984 186 5453

Always working direct with the people making the Real Estate experiences easier for the client providing my best service to them. From Mexico City.Muay Thai professional fighter and children’s martial arts coach. Traveling is my favorite hobby to meet different cultures.

Yuliya Kovaliova

Languages Spoken: English & Spanish yuliya@playarealtors.us US & CAN: +1 855 894 2500 LOCAL: +52 984 186 5453


Originally from Belarus, have been traveling around the world after I had finished university in 2008. All my life have a real passion and curiosity towards the other cultures and nations. Also the inborn sense of beauty and strong wish to be part of a luxury lifestyle is the driving force throughout my life. This is how I chose the career of a real estate agent and ended up living on the amazing island of Phuket, Thailand for the last 8 years. Having gained an extensive experience there and over 150 happy families who choose to be the customers with me, decided to switch my attention to the other side of my life. So 9 months ago together with my husband we moved to Mexico and bore our baby girl here. But at the same time I’m still very passionate to do my new real estate experience in this part of the world and this fantastic country Mexico.

Helios Proa

Languages Spoken: English, German & Spanish helios@playarealtors.us US & CAN: +1 855 894 2500 LOCAL: +52 984 186 5453


Originally from Mexico City and Playense for 23 years. Bachelor of Business Administration, Financial Advisor and Professional Photographer living happily in this paradise of the Mexican Caribbean. I really like meeting and helping people. so I really enjoy being a real estate advisor and contributing my experience to finding a beautiful new home for new residents as well as contributing to an excellent investment of property to investors

Esteban Gutiérrez

Languages Spoken: English & Spanish esteban@playarealtors.us US & CAN: +1 855 894 2500 LOCAL: +52 984 186 5453


Originally from Mexico City, he lived and studied photography in San Francisco, California. Esteban arrived in the Mexican Caribbean in the year of 1997, where he found his passion, the development of ecotourism products. That fact allowed him to get to know, in detail, every corner of the Mexican Caribbean destinations. His clients describe him as a connoisseur of the geography and profile of each destination. Fun, honest, and promoter of Maya culture and nature. He speaks fluently English, Portuguese and Spanish.